#100. No Place Like Home (S5.05)

Newsflash, hairdo. It’s not always about you.

Lani and Noelle criticize mental health stereotypes, celebrate the arrival of Glory, and contemplate the nature of reality in No Place Like Home (S5.05).

#109. Out of My Mind (S5.04)

Oh god no. Please no.

Harmony’s back, Spike and Buffy want to kill each other and Riley’s there, too. Join Lani and Noelle for their discussion of “Out of My Mind.” (S5.04)

#108. The Replacement (S5.03)

We can just slap ’em back together in the morning.

It’s a Chipperish Bizarro episode as Lani loves Riley and Noelle loves Xander in The Replacement (S5.03). Also, we get a special mini-lecture on Frankenstein and Adam from Dr. Paul Moffett of Clockworks Academy!

#107. The Real Me (S5.02)

Look at you, thinking you’re the new big bad. It’s adorable.

Lani and Noelle explore nursery rhymes and the adorableness that is Harmony with Real Me (S5.02).

#106. Buffy vs. Dracula (S5.01)

No more chick pit for you.

It’s time to talk campy Buffy and a whole new vampire slayin’ world as story expert Lani Diane Rich and feminist film scholar Noelle LaCroix discuss Buffy vs. Dracula (S5.01)

#103. New Moon Rising (S4.19)

You were a boy scout?

Parts of me.

It’s that time of the month, and Noelle and Lani are very excited to welcome Oz back and watch Tara and Willow go from subtext to text (finally!) in New Moon Rising (S4.19).