#84. The Prom (S3.20)

What, you think Buffy’s gonna let us down?

It’s time for formal finery and feral hellhounds as Buffy saves a very special day for the Scoobies in The Prom (S3.20)

#12. The Very Last Day of the Rest of Their Lives (S1.6)

We are having a moment here!

Kelly and Lani celebrate angelic-demonic body swapping and wrap up Good Omens with the season one finale, “The Very Last Day of the Rest of Their Lives”.

#83. Choices (S3.19)

We made him an offer he couldn’t survive. Lani and Noelle celebrate everything that is badass Willow as they talk about Choices (S3.19). Download the .mp3Apple Podcasts • RSS • Stitcher Show notes:Wanna know what episode is airing and when? Check out the Chipperish...

#39. Jessica Jones (S1.07-8)

We’re drawing your initials with a big heart around them on our Etch-A-Sketch.

For this installment of Jessica Jones, Joshua talks about the Four Color Loves of Jessica while Lani uses the lens of two upstairs neighbor weirdos bringing pathos to discuss the show as a whole. Jessica’s childhood home is turned into a mad house as she tries to tempt Kilgrave to the good side and our hosts to the math on heroism.

#11. The Doomsday Option

Wherever you are, I'll come to you... As Lani and Kelly discuss "The Doomsday Option" (S1.05), Lani rants about the narrative and yells at Neil Gaiman, and Kelly snuggles up to the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Sounds about right. Download the mp3 here. Subscribe...

#82. Earshot (S3.18)

“Buffy is all of us. We think, therefore, she is. Huh.”

You don’t have to be a mind-reader to get Lani and Noelle’s thoughts on “Earshot” (S3.18).

#10. Saturday Morning Funtime (S3.4)

We only ever asked questions. That’s all it took to be a demon in the old days!

It’s time for Atlantis, the kraken, aliens, prophecies, celestial cell phones, a runaway demon, and a dancing angel as we dive into “Saturday Morning Funtime” (Good Omens, S1.4).

#81. Enemies (S3.17)

We, too, know the love of a taciturn man.

There’s a crappy mislead and Joyce is a gumball machine spitting out misogynistic stereotypes, but if you can get past that, Enemies (S3.17) has some bright spots that Lani and Noelle manage to enjoy anyway.

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