136. Wrecked (S6.10)

No. That’s fair. I was a rat.

Hey, guess what? Magic is drugs now, and Lani and Noelle are all over why that metaphor doesn’t really work in Wrecked (S6.10).

135. Smashed (S6.09)

Come on. Rush me. It’ll be funny.

Lani and Noelle f*ck the house down in Smashed (S6.09).

71. Hiatus Announcement

We don't feel so good, Mr. Stark... Listen Up A-Holes is going on hiatus! So this episode, Lani and Joshua spend a little time explaining why LUA is going on hiatus, they look back on what made the experience thus far so worthwhile for each of them, and then look...

134. Tabula Rasa (S6.08)

Whatever, Umad.

Lani and Noelle try to answer the question, “How do we know who we are?” in the context of Tabula Rasa (S6.08).

27. Solo

Rob finishes his season 3 of deep dives into each Star Wars film with Solo, a movie that read very differently to him in 2020 than it did originally.

26. Rogue One

Rob continues his season 3 of deep dives into each Star Wars film by looking at Rogue One, the original proof of concept for standalone Star Wars stories.

133. Once More With Feeling (S6.07)

Where do we go from here?

Lani and Noelle talk song, dance and story movement in Once More With Feeling (S6.07).

70. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (S7.1-13)

We always bounce back.

For our final season of Agents of SHIELD, Joshua takes us on a spy-fi retrospective through the decades. Then he and Lani take a step back and just appreciate the magic that is Agents season 7.

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