#43. I’ll Take Away Your Data (S4.19-20)

Just drop the cliched serial killer crap and stake us already.

Fred’s amazing, Lorne’s snarky, and Connor and Jasmine are awful but we get Dark Wesley and Research Wesley as the team goes underground and Angel journeys to another dimension to find the Devourer’s true name.

#44. Agent Carter (S2.4-7)

We are presently engaged in a frenzied search for her while talking into our glasses like madmen.

It’s some of the best stuff the second season of Agent Carter has to offer in this episode! Joshua and Lani get some Four Color Facts about Oklahoma, both real and fictional, as well as superhero team-ups with villains. Then it’s a discussion of useless flashbacks, romance off the rails, and the good and bad of Agent Carter’s diversity.

#90. Beer Bad (S4.05)

It’s time to get wasted with the Caveslayer in Beer Bad (S4.05), but Lani and Noelle are completely sober when they realize that this famously reviled episode of Buffy is pretty damn good.

#42. Because Jasmine (S4, 17-18)

It’s evil. Remember the rain of fire? Permanent midnight?

Strap in and hold on tight as face the plot-hole explain-a-thon that answers every Season 4 question with “Because Jasmine” (S4, 17-18).

#89. Fear Itself (S4.04)

Whatcha got in the basket, little girl? Weapons.

It’s time for big fear in small packages as Buffy and the gang battle inner and outer demons in Fear Itself (S4.04).

#41. The Dark-Off (S4.15-16)

We’re dust in the wind. Candle in the wind. There will be a general wind theme.

Faith, Willow, and Gwen bring some light to the disaster of season 4 as we dive into Orpheus and Players (S4.15-16).

#43. Agent Carter (S2.1-3)

Aside from danger, our middle name is charm

Joshua and Lani return to Agent Carter with delightful enthusiasm as Peggy hops a flight to Los Angeles to solve a mystery involving science, starlets and, of course, Howard Stark. Jarvis returns to sidekick the shit out of things, and Sousa brings the simmer. Nothing but good times ahead!

#88. The Harsh Light of Day (S4.03)

“He was my platinum baby and I loved him.”

It’s bad romance all around as Buffy and Parker, Anya and Xander and Harmony and Spike all do love wrong in The Harsh Light of Day (S4.03).

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