Still Dead #36. Hello, Dark Fred

Oh, good. Symbols on the floor. That always ends well. Kelly celebrates academic passion and Lani derides the faux-sex fall as they take on Supersymmetry (S4.05) and Spin the Bottle (S4.06).

Still Pretty #69. Homecoming. (S3.05)

“We look cute in a tiara.”
It’s time to get dolled up and kill some vampires as Lani and Noelle get dirty tackling SlayerFest ’98!

Still Dead #35. The Powers That Huh? (S4.3-4)

If we thought you’d ever trust us, we would have never played you like that.

Lani and Kelly slouch to Vegas and back to deal with stolen destinies and stolen memories in Angel, season 4, eps 3 & 4, The House Always Wins & Slouching Toward Bethlehem. 

Listen Up A-Holes #31: Captain Marvel HOT TAKE!

Higher, further, faster, baby!

For this Hot Take,  Joshua and Kelly gush about their newfound love of Captain Marvel, defer on how complicated Carol’s comic book backstory is, discuss how well this movie addressed identity-as-origin, and think a bit about compassion as a defining heroic trait.

Listen Up A-Holes #30: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (S2.14-16)

Sorry, Eddie. The tiger’s been loose for awhile.

For this batch of Agents of SHIELD, Joshua and Lani discuss the tools of superheroing, whether Simmons is up to no good, and if New SHIELD is a delicious new flavor or just Diet Hydra.

Still Pretty #68. Beauty and the Beasts (S3.04)

“Time’s up. Rules change.”

Lani and Noelle rant about the patriarchy, bad handling of relationship violence and DEAR GOD WHY IS SCOTT HOPE STILL HERE in Beauty and the Beasts (S3.04).

Still Dead #34. I’ll Take Away Your Bucket (S4.1-2)

“We don’t do errands unless they’re evil errands.”

On today’s Still Dead, we’re delighted by Dark Wesley, Lilah, and Gwen. It’s time for a boat ride as Wesley rescues Angel and leaves Justine behind, and Gwen shows us how a professional pulls off a heist (S4, E1-2, “Deep Down” &”Ground State”).

Awegasm #10. Awed by Love Languages

In this episode of Awegasm, Kelly and Noelle contemplate what it means to be pentalingual when it comes to love as they attempt to translate the 5 Love Languages.

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