#94. Something Blue (S4.09)

It’s all right. We have more scotch.

It’s all screwball comedies and magical grief as Lani and Noelle talk Something Blue (S4.09).

#46. The Sweet Funky (S5.3-4)

Zip it and let me do my sweet funky.

It’s all werewolves and basement hell as Lani and Kelly take a bite out of “Unleashed” and “Hellbound” (S5.3-4).

#93. Pangs (S4.08)

You made a bear! Undo it! Undo it!

It’s White Guilt on Parade as Lani and Noelle both love and hate one of the most appropriately uncomfortable episodes in the Buffy canon, Pangs (S4.08).

#45. Because Spike (S5.1-2)

You turned evil a lot faster than we thought you would.

Hello, Season Five! It’s time to dive into the game changer new world of Wolfram & Hart, and welcome Harmony and Spike to Team Angel in Conviction and Just Rewards (S5.1-2)

#45. Agent Carter (S2.8-10)


For the big Agent Carter wrap-up, Joshua and Lani take listener questions in their new segment Takes to Astonish and then lament the sad state of romance in the show. Well, except for Manfredi and Whitney. They’re a love for the ages.

#92. The Initiative (S4.07)

A vague disclaimer is nobody’s friend.

The Season 4 engine starts to rev up as The Initiative(S4.07) brings us Sweater Giles, Light Xander and Chipped Spike. And the best slap fight in the history of Buffy.

#44. Still Dead Lilah (S4.21-22)

Flames wouldn’t be eternal if they actually consumed anything.

Lilah returns from hell to reset the Angel game and get it back on track after a rough season, and Kelly and Lani are HERE FOR IT, and for Lilah, as they discuss Peace Out and Home (S4.21-22).

#91. Wild at Heart (S4.06)

Now might be the time for your trademark stoicism.

Lani and Noelle feel all the feels as Oz goes wild and breaks Willow’s heart in Wild at Heart (S4.06).

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