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Welcome to Chipperish Media

We talk about the stories you love.

And why you love them.

And, occasionally… muppets.


Endless, a Sandman podcast

Story expert and NYT bestselling novelist Lani Diane Rich and Alisa Kwitney, former DC/Vertigo editor and critically acclaimed author, will bring their experience and expertise to this fun podcast about dreams… and the dreamless.

In The Gutter, a comics podcast

From superhero scholar Joshua Unruh and story expert Lani Diane Rich comes “In the Gutter,” a podcast that is all comics, all bangers, all the time.

How Story Works

Join NYT bestselling author and story expert Lani Diane Rich and researcher Dr. Kelly Jones as they demystify stories and storytelling, allowing you to better write and appreciate the stories you love.

Still Pretty, a Buffy the Vampire Slayer podcast

Story expert and NYT bestselling author Lani Diane Rich joins up with film scholar Noelle LaCroix to dive deep into the world of the Slayer and her merry band of demon-fighting friends.

Still Dead, an Angel podcast

Story expert Lani Diane Rich and southern fried scholar Dr. Kelly Jones host a new Angel podcast designed specifically for people who love Angel and want to ride through it again quickly, and people who bounce hard off of Angel. They summarize the skippers and savor the watchers, giving you a quick and fun journey through a great and terrible TV show.

Listen Up A-Holes, a Marvel Cinematic Universe podcast

Story expert Lani Diane Rich of Chipperish Media and super hero scholar Joshua Unruh of Pulp Diction Productions apply their wit, expertise and enthusiasm the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Big Strong Yes

Warning; this is not a podcast for the faint of heart. Story expert Lani Diane Rich and researcher Dr. Kelly Jones drop their professional armor and dive into the deeply personal and vulnerable as they run through Brené Brown’s Rising Strong; Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic; Shonda Rhimes’ Year of Yes; and Emily Nagoski and Amelia Nagoski’s Burnout.

Sex & Whisky, an Outlander podcast

Sex & Whisky is a YouTube series and podcast in which story expert Lani Diane Rich follows the Starz television show Outlander through its third season, talking about story elements, romance and, of course, how much Frank is too much Frank.

Welcome to the End Times, a Good Omens podcast

In a podcast that does not fall so much as saunter vaguely downwards, researcher Dr. Kelly Jones and story expert Lani Diane Rich cover Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s Good Omens book and TV show.

Jed Bartlet is My President, a West Wing podcast

A podcast about The West Wing and denial. Story expert Lani Diane Rich joines a new guest every week two watch an episode of The West Wing and pretend that Jed Bartlet is president of the United States.

This show ran in the early months of 2017, if you need a little context.

Awegasm, a podcast about explosive inspiration

Awegasm is a podcast for anyone who celebrates curiosity and wants to explore the idea of loving what you love in the context of an authentic, joy-filled life. Join Dr. Kelly Jones and Noelle LaCroix as they identify, discover, explore, analyze, and synthesize things that light us up.

Metaphors Be With You, a Star Wars podcast

Join Star Wars fan and metaphor enthusiast Rob Heiret in a discussion of the hidden meanings lurking in the narrative and imagery of Star Wars.


Lani Diane Rich

Lani Diane Rich is a New York Times bestselling author, a story expert, and an award-winning podcaster. She has published 12 novels with Hachette, St. Martin’s Press, and Penguin, and has taught storytelling, screenwriting and television production at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. Her book, How Story Works: An elegant guide to the craft of storytelling is available now. You can find her on Twitter @lanidianerich.

Alisa Kwitney

Alisa Kwitney was an editor at DC Comics/Vertigo and is the Eisner-nominated author of graphic novels, romantic women’s fiction and urban fantasy. Her latest novel, Rogue Untouched, was released in May 2021.

Dr. Kelly Jones

Dr. Kelly Jones is a qualitative researcher, instructional designer, and recovering academic. She loves books, coffee, conceptual frameworks, and citations. After five years of practice, she’s learned not to have ice in her mason jar while recording a podcast.

Noelle LaCroix

Noelle LaCroix is a fan of live performances of all kinds, psychological horror films, long walks through museums, and multiple-choice tests. Her favorite podcasting hack is recording while wedged under a desk, surrounded by pillows.

Joshua Unruh

Joshua Unruh has loved tales of the fantastic his entire life. His imagination is a mishmash of superheroes, hardboiled tough guys, sword-wielding barbarians, tentacled horrors, and various world mythologies. Though he dabbled in fiction when working for an advertising agency, spoke with people as a salesman, and wrote reports as a private investigator, Joshua finally gave up and decided to write stories for a living.

Rob Heiret

Rob Heiret is a lifelong Star Wars fan and metaphor enthusiast who also has a deep appreciation for talking about stuff. He puts words together in pleasing orders for his day job and moves small plastic spaceships around on tables as a hobby. He is approximately 47% qualified to be here. Find him on Twitter at @rheiret, or in the Chipperish Discord at rheiret, or in the world by calling “Hey, Rob!”

Jack Kramme

Jack Kramme is an Australian podcast/video editor and pop culture enthusiast. When he’s not 7 hours deep into a TV show marathon or helping out with Chipperish, he’s co-hosting Podcast of the Nerds and cutting content for the Passion of the Nerd channel on YouTube.


Zoey can’t stand it when Lani is talking but not to her. She sits outside the office and meows pitifully until she is let in. On occasion, Lani’s noise-canceling microphones cancel out Zoey, and you can hear her plaintive woe in the background of the podcasts, being gleefully ignored by her heartless human.

Don’t let her fool you. She’s fine.