#40. All About the Faith (S4.13-14)

Show us the weapons.

It’s time to stake all that is bad with Angelus, Cordelia, Connor, and the Beast while loving all that is good with Wesley, Lilah, and Faith in Salvage and Release (S4.13-14).

#42. Ant-Man

We’re like: Well, we got everything nowadays. We got a guy who jumps, we got a guy who swings, we got a guy who crawls up walls, you gotta be more specific.

As they leave the the grit and grime of Hell’s Kitchen behind them, Joshua and Lani are allowed to remember there is light in the MCU. It’s Ant-Man, so of course they discuss the Ant-Men of the 616, the boundless joy of Luis, and the ageless charm of Paul Rudd.

#13. Awed by Travel

In this episode of Awegasm, Noelle and Kelly explore travel as a catalyst for creativity and self care.

#87. Living Conditions (S4.02)

It just gets fun-er and fun-er every time you play it.

39. Wesplaining (S4.11-12)

Why is he picking on us? We’re the bad guys!

Joshua Unruh guests on Still Dead to deal with Angelus in two Watcher episodes that we wish could have been skippers (Soulless and Calvary, S4, 11-12). 

#86. The Freshman (S4.1)

Remind us to start killing cooler people.
Buffy’s having a crisis of confidence, Willow is in her element, and we’ve got Deus Ex Xander in The Freshman (S4.01).

#38. What Might Have Been (S4.9-10)

We’re not brooding. We’re researching.

We’re back! Dark times ahead as the Beast takes out the sun in LA and Angel loses his soul… again. (S4, 9-10, Long Day’s Journey & Awakening)

#41. Jessica Jones (S1.11-13)

We usually take a bit more romancing before we drop our pants

For the big wrap up of Jessica Jones’s first season,  Joshua and Lani find themselves discussing the Ship of Theseus and the nature of humanity during the Four Color Facts. During the discussion of the show, they celebrate the return of Claire, how to solve a problem like Trish, and what Jessica’s door can tell us about the series as a whole.

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