#104. The Yoko Factor / Primeval (S4.21-22)

It’s time for Franken-Forrest, Zombie Maggie and Adam the… whatever Adam is to hit the road as we finish up (most of) Season 4 with The Yoko Factor and Primeval (S4.21-22).

#53. Guardians of the Galaxy v. 2

We were told you people were conceited douchebags, but that isn’t true at all.

For Guardians of the Galaxy v. 2, Joshua and Lani are joined by Rob Heiret of STAR WARS podcast Metaphors Be With You to discuss, as Lani puts it, “space stuff.” And thank goodness he’s here to help bear the load because this movie is…not great. But the Four Color Facts and the rants are a bit more enjoyable than the film…we hope.

#25. The Rise of the Skywalker

I feel like this Skywalker exposes too much skin when I bend over. Got one with more rise?

#24. The Last Jedi

Sorry, you can’t return that Jedi. It was our last one.

#23. The Force Awakens

…then the Force hit the snooze button and slept for nine more minutes.

#22. Revenge of the Sith

Sith. Siththththth. It’s like the most evil-sounding made-up word ever.

#21. Attack of the Clones

Now, the thing about clones is, if you provoke ‘em, you’re in trouble.

#20. The Phantom Menace

Man, those phantoms sure are menacing. I hope they turn out not be a big deal.

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