#002. Character Roles

On this episode of How Story Works conversations, we talk about character roles: protagonist, antagonist, and supporting. 

75. Listen Up, Hand-Holes: The Muppet Movie

One honey cone for the bear, one dragonfly ripple for the frog. Don’t get ‘em mixed up.

For their first look at a feature length project, Joshua and Lani dig into THE MUPPET MOVIE. How do the Muppets’ particular brand of chaos transfer from skits and gags to the big screen? Pretty well, honestly, but not without some bumps in the road.

#109. Out of My Mind (S5.04)

Oh god no. Please no.

Harmony’s back, Spike and Buffy want to kill each other and Riley’s there, too. Join Lani and Noelle for their discussion of “Out of My Mind.” (S5.04)

#001. Building Character (S1.01)

In this episode of How Story Works Conversations, we talk about building characters, the character triangle, and naming characters.

#56. Black Panther


For BLACK PANTHER, Joshua and Lani discuss the joy of stories so full of amazing women and people of color, the history of Wakanda, both fictional and metatextual, and even dip their toes into afrofuturism and the Parliament Funkadelic. Are you hip to Easter Island?

#108. The Replacement (S5.03)

We can just slap ’em back together in the morning.

It’s a Chipperish Bizarro episode as Lani loves Riley and Noelle loves Xander in The Replacement (S5.03). Also, we get a special mini-lecture on Frankenstein and Adam from Dr. Paul Moffett of Clockworks Academy!

Introduction to HSW Conversations (S1.00)

In this introduction to How Story Works Conversations, story expert Lani Diane Rich and concept developer Dr. Kelly Jones define our terms to kick off our discussion of narrative theory. 

#55. Thor: Ragnarok

We know him! He’s a friend from work!

In this episode, Joshua and Lani talk about post-colonialism, the humor of indigenous people, and feminine rage. Oh, and Lani decides she loves Thor. It’s a Ragnarok miracle!

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And for the serious narrative nerds out there, Lani’s groundbreaking How Story Works podcast goes deep into narrative theory which applies to all stories, independent of form. So whether you’re wondering why that commercial made you cry, or trying to figure out how to structure a sprawling epic novel, this is the only how-to storytelling podcast you need.

“Thank you so much!”

I discovered your podcast when you guest hosted on Buffering the Vampire Slayer, just a few weeks ago, and you have already changed my life with How Story Works!

All my life I’ve felt the need to write, but it wasn’t until recently that I sat down with an idea for a novel. In the past two years, I have started, and lost the way with two book ideas. I didn’t know what I was missing, how to bring my feelings and ideas together in a coherent way, until I discovered you and HSW.

I have only made it to Episode 12: Seven Anchor Scenes, but feel I FINALLY have the tools to build a map for my book!

I am so excited to dig deeper into HSW and in turn my book!

So, thank you. Discovering you is the turning point in my dream of writing a book.


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