#99. Goodbye Iowa (S4.14)

We have nothing to hold onto…

It’s exposition dumping everywhere you look as Lani and Noelle have a fabulous time talking about “Goodbye Iowa” (S4.14).

#51. Wee Little Puppet Man (S5.13-14)

Let’s take out some puppets!

We’re still not sure why we fight, but we know that Angel makes the best muppet as we forget about Why We Fight (S5.13) and delight in Smile Time (S5.14).

#49. Luke Cage (S1.9-11)

We drive all the way to Savannah to remember something you could have remembered without driving all the way to Savannah.

Joshua and Lani have a few more Takes to Astonish and try to make sense of what is going on in this story now that Diamondback has arrived. At least Misty and Claire are bad ass.

#98. The I in Team (S4.13)

If you think that’s enough to kill us, you really don’t know what a Slayer is.

Noelle examines Forrest’s underlying subtextual queerness and Lani wonders why every guy Buffy sleeps with shops at the same Bed, Bath and Beyond as they look for The I in Team (S4.13)

#50. So Were We (S5.11-12)

So were we, once upon a time.

Kelly and Lani talk about the nature of good, evil and shirts as they take on “Damage” and “You’re Welcome” (S5.11-12).

#48. Luke Cage (S1.6-8)

We’re about sick of always having to buy new clothes.

For these episodes, Joshua and Lani talk about problematically named African American characters and how antagonists work. Hint: Luke Cage’s first season is a little confused about how antagonists work.

#97. A New Man (S4.12)

I’m just an unemployed librarian with a tendency to get knocked on the head.

It’s identity story dialed to Fyarl as Lani and Noelle get a load of demon Giles in A New Man (S4.12).

#49. Working Vamp (S5.9-10)

It’s not like we have a soul. We have to try a lot harder!

Kelly and Lani go against their essential natures as they try to be good with “Harm’s Way” and “Soul Purpose” in Angel Season 5.

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