154. Him (S7.06)

We just can't with Him (S7.06). We. Just. Can't. Download the mp3 here. Subscribe to the show: Apple Podcasts • Spotify • Stitcher • RSS Show notes: Wanna know what episode is airing and when? Check out the Chipperish Calendar!Support Chipperish Media on...

37. The Gold is Love

“Why is that tree so bent and gnarled? Because that’s what it took to survive in the place where she grew.”

On this episode of Big Strong Yes, we tackle Burnout, Chapter 4: The Game is Rigged.

153. Selfless (S7.05)

It’s identity stories all the way down in Selfless (S7.05)

36. Making Meaning

In this episode of Big Strong Yes, we discuss Burnout, Chapter 3 and ponder the meaning of life.

152. Help (S7.04)

“See? You can make a difference”

Noelle and Lani discuss what is and is not ‘helping’ as they talk about Help (S7.04)

35. Redefining Failure

In this episode of Big Strong Yes, we discuss Burnout, Chapter 2: #Persist, and rumble with the ragey monitor.

151. Same Time, Same Place (S7.03)

“I love a giftie.”

Buffy finally starts earning its horror stripes with one of the creepiest monsters of all time in Same Time, Same Place (S7.03)

34. Stress Camel Humps

On today’s episode of Big Strong Yes, Lani and Kelly discuss Burnout: Chapter 2 and win all the points for Stress Bingo.

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