141. As You Were (S6.15)

Were you always this tall?


Riley’s back.

As You Were (S6.15).

15. Romantic Conflict

Today on How Story Works, the conversation is about romantic conflict: why it’s special, why it’s so damn hard to write, and how to write it in your stories.

140. Older and Far Away (S6.14)

“You made a wish to a vengeance demon!”
Lani and Noelle stay in one place and talk about bottle episodes in Older and Far Away (S6.14).

14. Goals

Today on How Story Works, the conversation is about goals: knowing what your characters want—and how they plan to get it!

13. Internal and External Conflict

Today on How Story Works, the conversation is about internal and external conflict. We derail into Game of Thrones, The Matrix, and Fleabag in our discussion of layering conflict lasagna, but we don’t feel conflicted about that. 

139. Dead Things (S6.13)

There is nothing good or clean in you.

Lani and Noelle struggle to talk about a well-written episode they hate watching with Dead Things (S6.13).

138. Doublemeat Palace (S6.12)

It’s a meat process.

Noelle and Lani can’t unsee what they’ve suddenly seen while watching Doublemeat Palace (S6.12).

12. Central Narrative Conflict

In this episode of How Story Works, the conversation is about central narrative conflict, the goal-based conflict upon which the structure of a story is built. 

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And for the serious narrative nerds out there, Lani’s groundbreaking How Story Works podcast goes deep into narrative theory which applies to all stories, independent of form. So whether you’re wondering why that commercial made you cry, or trying to figure out how to structure a sprawling epic novel, this is the only how-to storytelling podcast you need.

“Thank you so much!”

I discovered your podcast when you guest hosted on Buffering the Vampire Slayer, just a few weeks ago, and you have already changed my life with How Story Works!

All my life I’ve felt the need to write, but it wasn’t until recently that I sat down with an idea for a novel. In the past two years, I have started, and lost the way with two book ideas. I didn’t know what I was missing, how to bring my feelings and ideas together in a coherent way, until I discovered you and HSW.

I have only made it to Episode 12: Seven Anchor Scenes, but feel I FINALLY have the tools to build a map for my book!

I am so excited to dig deeper into HSW and in turn my book!

So, thank you. Discovering you is the turning point in my dream of writing a book.


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