#51. Wee Little Puppet Man (S5.13-14)

Let’s take out some puppets!

We’re still not sure why we fight, but we know that Angel makes the best muppet as we forget about Why We Fight (S5.13) and delight in Smile Time (S5.14).

#50. So Were We (S5.11-12)

So were we, once upon a time.

Kelly and Lani talk about the nature of good, evil and shirts as they take on “Damage” and “You’re Welcome” (S5.11-12).

#49. Working Vamp (S5.9-10)

It’s not like we have a soul. We have to try a lot harder!

Kelly and Lani go against their essential natures as they try to be good with “Harm’s Way” and “Soul Purpose” in Angel Season 5.

#48. Daddy Issues (S5.7-8)

If we’d known this was going to be a seminar, we’d have worn our name tags. 

Cyborgs attack and the fabric of reality is torn but Dark Wesley is better than ever and Lindsey is back… so, yay!!! (S5.7-8, Lineage and Destiny)

#46. The Sweet Funky (S5.3-4)

Zip it and let me do my sweet funky.

It’s all werewolves and basement hell as Lani and Kelly take a bite out of “Unleashed” and “Hellbound” (S5.3-4).

#45. Because Spike (S5.1-2)

You turned evil a lot faster than we thought you would.

Hello, Season Five! It’s time to dive into the game changer new world of Wolfram & Hart, and welcome Harmony and Spike to Team Angel in Conviction and Just Rewards (S5.1-2)

#44. Still Dead Lilah (S4.21-22)

Flames wouldn’t be eternal if they actually consumed anything.

Lilah returns from hell to reset the Angel game and get it back on track after a rough season, and Kelly and Lani are HERE FOR IT, and for Lilah, as they discuss Peace Out and Home (S4.21-22).

#43. I’ll Take Away Your Data (S4.19-20)

Just drop the cliched serial killer crap and stake us already.

Fred’s amazing, Lorne’s snarky, and Connor and Jasmine are awful but we get Dark Wesley and Research Wesley as the team goes underground and Angel journeys to another dimension to find the Devourer’s true name.