Still Dead #13.5. Interview with a Vampire Biologist

We’ve got questions. She’s got answers.

In this Still Dead special, Kelly and Lani talk to the brilliant Lali DeRosier, Biology teacher and education advocate, about vampire transformation, vampire nutrition, vampire strength, and of course, vampire sex. You can find Lali on Twitter at @_adverbia and we’ll be back next week with the next episode of Still Dead.

Still Dead #13. Five Cats in a Demon Coat (S2. 3-4)

“We’re not leaving your side until we know you’re safe.”

Kelly and Lani swing our battle axes against heroes working alone, the Patriarchy, the trauma of abuse, victim shaming, and gaslighting with some difficult discussions of Angel, Season 2, Episodes 3 and 4, “First Impressions” and “Untouched”.

Trigger Warning: “Untouched” and our discussion of this episode deal with issues of sexual abuse and trauma.

Still Dead #12. At the Copa (S2. 1-2)

We’re a little outside the box.
Kelly and Lani kick off Angel, Season 2 with Episodes 1 & 2, Judgment and Are You Now or Have You Ever Been. Join us for karaoke at Caritas, and be sure to ask for the Chipperish group discount at the Hyperion.

Still Dead #11. Gross Face Killah (S1.22)

You wanna be enemies? Try us.

Kelly and Lani celebrate Angel’s Season 1 finale and superhero scholar Joshua Unruh of Pulp Diction Productions lends a hand for an impassioned discussion of life and death, prophecies, cross-references, demons, desire, doomed detectives, dismemberment, Batman, religion, and people in boxes.

Still Dead #10. Vampsplaining (S1.20-21)

Did we get to the part where you’re evil?
Kelly and Lani celebrate multiple moments of perfect happiness in two Watcher episodes with Gunn and Lindsey as our favorite vampsplaining hero tracks down a blackmailer and pulls off one hell of a heist in War Zone and Blind Date, Episodes 20 and 21 of Angel Season 1.

Still Dead #8. Darling Boy (S1.15-17)

Add a porsche and hair plugs and we’ve dated this guy. A lot.

It’s daddy issues, demon thunderdome, and dumb schemes to achieve eternal youth as Kelly and Lani fight their way through episodes 15-17, “The Prodigal,” “The Ring” and “Eternity” in Angel Season 1.

Still Dead #7. Hi, Kirk!

We know you’re not planning to kill us. But you’re willing to. And that’s good.

Kelly and Lani do battle with well-meant but poorly portrayed pseudo-feminist storylines, navigate through a burden of misdirects, and gleefully welcome the return of guest actor Sean Gunn as they take on “She” and “I’ve Got You Under My Skin,” episodes 13 and 14 from “Angel” Season 1.

Still Dead #6. No Judgment (S1.11-12)

We don’t think we ever realized how disgusting that was.

Kelly and Lani talk Kate’s resting bitch personality and demon slut-shaming as they take on Somnambulist (S1.11) and Expecting (S1.12) in Angel Season 1.