Still Dead #25. What Kind of Man. (S3.5-6)

Now we need to learn how to fight.

In this episode of Still Dead, we grapple with Fred’s trauma and then descend into true darkness when Gavin, Wesley, and Gunn are infected with misogynistic evil. Trigger warning for disturbing content as we discuss the truth of dark stories with Angel Season 3 Episodes 5 and 6, Fredless and Billy. 

Still Dead #24. Mmmm, Angel. (S3.3-4)

Don’t tell us you never thought about it…

Kelly and Lani delight in Gunn’s story, Angel’s body-swapping adventure, making out with Lilah, all things Wesley, love triangle-rhombus, and leather pants as Still Dead tackles Season 3, episodes 3 and 4, This Old Gang of Mine and Carpe Noctem.

Still Dead #23. Ughlizajames. (S3.1-2)

Where are our hurling axes?!?

We welcome Fred to the Hyperion and swoon over Angry Angel, Demon Monks, Dark(ish) Wesley, and Evil Lilah as Still Dead kicks off Season 3 with episodes 1 and 2, Heartthrob and That Vision Thing.

Still Dead #22. Hello Dark Wesley. (S2.21-22)

“We chopped off the evil lawyer-beast’s hand, and he screamed and he screamed… and then we left.”

In today’s Still Dead, we say goodbye to Season 2 and Hello to Dark Wesley as Team Angel – plus Fred – return from Pylea in episodes 21-22, “Through the Looking Glass” and “There’s No Place Like Plrtz Glrb”.

Still Dead #21. Not on Fire. (S2.19-20)

Today on Still Dead, we grapple with narrative structure, story themes, an overabundance of damsel-ing, and a whole new world as the team portal-jumps to Pylea in Angel Season 2, episodes 19 and 20, Belonging and Over the Rainbow.

Still Dead #20. Evil Hand Lindsey. (S2.17-18)

Stop it, evil hand, stop it!

Today on Still Dead, Lani swoons over Harmony, great dialogue, and a fantastically fun fight scene, and Kelly swoons over Lindsey as we dive into two delightful episodes of Angel, Season 2 – Disharmony and Dead End. 

Still Dead #19. Something Besides the Cold (S2. 15-16)

“If nothing we do matters, then all that matters is what we do.”

Today on Still Dead, we lose our souls in moments of perfect happiness and perfect despair and fall in love with the perfect mission statement in Angel, Season 2, episodes 15-16, Reprise and Epiphany.