Still Dead #7. Hi, Kirk!

We know you’re not planning to kill us. But you’re willing to. And that’s good.

Kelly and Lani do battle with well-meant but poorly portrayed pseudo-feminist storylines,┬ánavigate through a burden of misdirects, and gleefully welcome the return of guest actor Sean Gunn as they take on “She” and “I’ve Got You Under My Skin,” episodes 13 and 14 from “Angel” Season 1.

Still Dead #6. No Judgment (S1.11-12)

We don’t think we ever realized how disgusting that was.

Kelly and Lani talk Kate’s resting bitch personality and demon slut-shaming as they take on Somnambulist (S1.11) and Expecting (S1.12) in Angel Season 1.

Still Dead #3. I Feel You Judge Me (S1.6-7)

Kelly and Lani talk about their feelings about Sense and Sensitivity (S1.06) and The Bachelor Party (S1.07), which are both Skippers, but there are high points, including Cordelia, Cordelia and Cordelia. Also, we wanna know what university offers a degree in ethnodemonology, and how good their financial aid is.

Still Dead #2. The Bitch is Back (S1.4-5)

We’re mixing it up here on Still Dead with a Skipper (I Fall to Pieces, S1.04) and a Watcher (Rm w/a Vu, S1.05)! It’s all about Andy Umberger’s errant parts and Cordelia’s inner bitch as we work our way toward the good Angel.

Still Dead #1. Can You Fly? (S1.1-3)

Kelly and Lani launch into the first full episode of Still Dead with the first three episodes of Angel Season 1, as we love up on returning Buffy characters, greet Doyle with a tepid response, and dig undead noir batmanning Angel, while superhero scholar Joshua Unruh of Pulp Diction Productions gives us a primer on superheroes vs. mystery men.

Still Dead Viewing Schedule

Schedule is subject to change. Check back for updates. SD #1 Season Ep # Title Air Date 01 1 1-3 City Of (W), Lonely Heart, In the Dark (W) 5/1/2018 02 1 4-5 I Fall to Pieces, Rm w/a Vu (W) 5/8/2018 03 1 6-7 Sense and Sensitivity, The Bachelor Party...

Still Dead #0: Introduction

In this inaugural episode of Still Dead, story expert┬áLani Diane Rich and southern fried scholar Dr. Kelly Jones launch a new Angel podcast designed specifically for people who bounce hard off of Angel. We’ll designate which episodes are Watchers (ones you should actually watch) and which ones are Skippers (ones you can skip.) We’ll get you up to date on the goings on for the episodes you can skip, and we’ll rave over the ones you should watch.