S&W #2. The Civil & The Savage

In this episode of Sex & Whisky, story expert Lani Diane Rich takes on Jamie’s balance between nature and civilization, Claire’s struggle with sex and surgery, and Fergus’s tremendous courage as she talks about Outlander Season 3, Episode 2, Surrender.

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Sex & Whisky: How to Submit Your Video

Every week in Sex & Whisky, I'm going to ask a question about that week's episode of Outlander, and I invite viewers to send in their answers. Here's how you do it: Use your phone. There's no need to get crazy here, unless you happen to have a full video studio at...
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S&W 1. Nobody Cares About Frank

In this episode of Sex & Whisky, story expert Lani Diane Rich dives into The Battle Joined (S3.01) and discusses Jamie's death wish, Claire's conventional life, and why nobody cares about Frank while drinking Deanston Virgin Oak. Download the .mp3 Show notes: Join...
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S&W 0. Landing On Jamie

In this episode of Sex & Whisky, Lani introduces the show, explains what will happen, and drinks a little because… well. Outlander.

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