#52. Doctor Strange

We once stood in your place. We, too, were disrespectful.

For DOCTOR STRANGE, Joshua and Lani are joined by their other favorite doctor, Kelly Jones! They discuss origins, Stark biting Strange’s style, the joys of magical pedagogy, and Kelly flips out over libraries.

#51. Captain America: Civil War

We want to punch you in your perfect teeth.

For Civil War, Joshua and Lani figure out whether you should read the source material, hash out a philosophy of superpowers, and discuss mind control and culpability.

#50. Luke Cage (S1.12-13)

What are we? Pimp Stormtroopers?

For the big Luke Cage season one wrap up, Joshua and Lani discuss the cultural impact and massive significance of Luke Cage while also dissecting the many, many parts of its narrative that just didn’t work.

#49. Luke Cage (S1.9-11)

We drive all the way to Savannah to remember something you could have remembered without driving all the way to Savannah.

Joshua and Lani have a few more Takes to Astonish and try to make sense of what is going on in this story now that Diamondback has arrived. At least Misty and Claire are bad ass.

#48. Luke Cage (S1.6-8)

We’re about sick of always having to buy new clothes.

For these episodes, Joshua and Lani talk about problematically named African American characters and how antagonists work. Hint: Luke Cage’s first season is a little confused about how antagonists work.

#47. Luke Cage (S1.3-5)

We, like Wu Tang, ain’t nuttin’ to fuck wit.

For their second look at Luke Cage, Joshua and Lani dive more into the character’s comic book origins, lament some choices, but celebrate the appearance of Reva, Misty, and Claire!

#46. Luke Cage (S1.1-2)

Jesus saves. We don’t

For the inaugural episodes of Luke Cage, Joshua and Lani discuss the origins of Luke Cage the character and the narrative stumbles from the origins of Luke Cage the show.

#45. Agent Carter (S2.8-10)


For the big Agent Carter wrap-up, Joshua and Lani take listener questions in their new segment Takes to Astonish and then lament the sad state of romance in the show. Well, except for Manfredi and Whitney. They’re a love for the ages.

#44. Agent Carter (S2.4-7)

We are presently engaged in a frenzied search for her while talking into our glasses like madmen.

It’s some of the best stuff the second season of Agent Carter has to offer in this episode! Joshua and Lani get some Four Color Facts about Oklahoma, both real and fictional, as well as superhero team-ups with villains. Then it’s a discussion of useless flashbacks, romance off the rails, and the good and bad of Agent Carter’s diversity.