75. Listen Up, Hand-Holes: The Muppet Movie

One honey cone for the bear, one dragonfly ripple for the frog. Don’t get ‘em mixed up.

For their first look at a feature length project, Joshua and Lani dig into THE MUPPET MOVIE. How do the Muppets’ particular brand of chaos transfer from skits and gags to the big screen? Pretty well, honestly, but not without some bumps in the road.

#56. Black Panther


For BLACK PANTHER, Joshua and Lani discuss the joy of stories so full of amazing women and people of color, the history of Wakanda, both fictional and metatextual, and even dip their toes into afrofuturism and the Parliament Funkadelic. Are you hip to Easter Island?

#55. Thor: Ragnarok

We know him! He’s a friend from work!

In this episode, Joshua and Lani talk about post-colonialism, the humor of indigenous people, and feminine rage. Oh, and Lani decides she loves Thor. It’s a Ragnarok miracle!

#54. Spider-Man: Homecoming

We do whatever a spider can!

For Homecoming, Lani and Joshua talk about the angry origins of Spider-Man, their appreciation for superheroes that don’t murder, and why the Vulture is one of the MCU’s great villains.

#53. Guardians of the Galaxy v. 2

We were told you people were conceited douchebags, but that isn’t true at all.

For Guardians of the Galaxy v. 2, Joshua and Lani are joined by Rob Heiret of STAR WARS podcast Metaphors Be With You to discuss, as Lani puts it, “space stuff.” And thank goodness he’s here to help bear the load because this movie is…not great. But the Four Color Facts and the rants are a bit more enjoyable than the film…we hope.

#52. Doctor Strange

We once stood in your place. We, too, were disrespectful.

For DOCTOR STRANGE, Joshua and Lani are joined by their other favorite doctor, Kelly Jones! They discuss origins, Stark biting Strange’s style, the joys of magical pedagogy, and Kelly flips out over libraries.

#51. Captain America: Civil War

We want to punch you in your perfect teeth.

For Civil War, Joshua and Lani figure out whether you should read the source material, hash out a philosophy of superpowers, and discuss mind control and culpability.

#50. Luke Cage (S1.12-13)

What are we? Pimp Stormtroopers?

For the big Luke Cage season one wrap up, Joshua and Lani discuss the cultural impact and massive significance of Luke Cage while also dissecting the many, many parts of its narrative that just didn’t work.

#49. Luke Cage (S1.9-11)

We drive all the way to Savannah to remember something you could have remembered without driving all the way to Savannah.

Joshua and Lani have a few more Takes to Astonish and try to make sense of what is going on in this story now that Diamondback has arrived. At least Misty and Claire are bad ass.