#45. Agent Carter (S2.8-10)


For the big Agent Carter wrap-up, Joshua and Lani take listener questions in their new segment Takes to Astonish and then lament the sad state of romance in the show. Well, except for Manfredi and Whitney. They’re a love for the ages.

#44. Agent Carter (S2.4-7)

We are presently engaged in a frenzied search for her while talking into our glasses like madmen.

It’s some of the best stuff the second season of Agent Carter has to offer in this episode! Joshua and Lani get some Four Color Facts about Oklahoma, both real and fictional, as well as superhero team-ups with villains. Then it’s a discussion of useless flashbacks, romance off the rails, and the good and bad of Agent Carter’s diversity.

#43. Agent Carter (S2.1-3)

Aside from danger, our middle name is charm

Joshua and Lani return to Agent Carter with delightful enthusiasm as Peggy hops a flight to Los Angeles to solve a mystery involving science, starlets and, of course, Howard Stark. Jarvis returns to sidekick the shit out of things, and Sousa brings the simmer. Nothing but good times ahead!

#42. Ant-Man

We’re like: Well, we got everything nowadays. We got a guy who jumps, we got a guy who swings, we got a guy who crawls up walls, you gotta be more specific.

As they leave the the grit and grime of Hell’s Kitchen behind them, Joshua and Lani are allowed to remember there is light in the MCU. It’s Ant-Man, so of course they discuss the Ant-Men of the 616, the boundless joy of Luis, and the ageless charm of Paul Rudd.

#41. Jessica Jones (S1.11-13)

We usually take a bit more romancing before we drop our pants

For the big wrap up of Jessica Jones’s first season,  Joshua and Lani find themselves discussing the Ship of Theseus and the nature of humanity during the Four Color Facts. During the discussion of the show, they celebrate the return of Claire, how to solve a problem like Trish, and what Jessica’s door can tell us about the series as a whole.

#40. Jessica Jones (S1.09-10)

We wish we had a Mother of the Year Award so we could bludgeon you with it.

Joshua and Lani enter the soggy back third of Jessica Jones and, friends, it isn’t pretty. The plans are half-baked, the characterization is maybe a quarter-baked, and the plot is still basically dough. It’s a rough ride but at least it starts with Four Color Facts about the Jobs of Jessica Jones.

#39. Jessica Jones (S1.07-8)

We’re drawing your initials with a big heart around them on our Etch-A-Sketch.

For this installment of Jessica Jones, Joshua talks about the Four Color Loves of Jessica while Lani uses the lens of two upstairs neighbor weirdos bringing pathos to discuss the show as a whole. Jessica’s childhood home is turned into a mad house as she tries to tempt Kilgrave to the good side and our hosts to the math on heroism.

#38. Jessica Jones (S1.05-6)

The beauty of what we do is that it can’t be explained. And if it can’t be explained, it can’t be believed

For this week’s episode, Joshua and Lani discuss the many comic book superheroic identities of Jessica Jones and finally hear about the Purple Man. Then, moving onto the episodes, they chat dive into the joys of Malcolm and Luke, the tragedy that is Simpson, and try to decide if they’re supposed to like Trish or not.

#37. Jessica Jones (S1.03-4)

We don’t waste time circle jerking with a bunch of whiners.

For the next set of Jessica Jones episodes, Joshua writes a love letter to his favorite superhero of all time and maybe even convinces Lani to read some comics. They go on to discuss the highs and lows of Luke and Jessica together, the mixed bag of these two episodes, and finally come face-to-face with Kilgrave.