How Story Works

How Story Works is a podcast for everyone who loves stories. If you’re a writer, understanding how story works will help you craft better stories. If you’re a lover of stories, the podcast will give you added insight into your favorite tales, and extend the toolset you use to better understand the stories you love. Join NYT bestselling author and story expert Lani Diane Rich as she demystifies stories and storytelling, allowing you to better write and appreciate the stories you love.

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Welcome to the End Times

From Chipperish Media comes a new podcast that does not fall so much as saunter vaguely downwards, southern fried scholar Dr. Kelly Jones and story expert Lani Diane Rich will be covering “Good Omens” the book, followed by “Good Omens” the Amazon Prime TV show.

Still Pretty

Still Pretty is a Buffy the Vampire Slayer You Tube series and podcast in which story expert and NYT bestselling author Lani Diane Rich dives deep into the world of the Slayer and her merry band of demon-fighting friends. Covering everything from story structure to the social implications of narrative choices, Lani will walk you through Sunnydale armed with delight and curiosity.

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Listen Up A-Holes

In Listen Up A-Holes, narrative nerd Lani Diane Rich and super hero scholar Joshua Unruh apply their wit, expertise and enthusiasm the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Starting with the Phase 1 movies and moving through the TV shows in (mostly) order of release, these two experts go in-depth about everything from the history of the Universe to the narrative beats that make each story work. A podcast for anyone who loves superheroes or stories, but especially for people who love both.



Big Strong Yes

Big Strong Yes is a show about courage, creativity and the call to adventure. Every week,story expert Lani Diane Rich and researcher Dr. Kelly Jones walk listeners throughDr. Brené Brown’s Rising Strong, Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic, andShonda Rhimes’s Year of Yes.

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Jed Bartlet is My President

A podcast about The West Wing and denial. Join NYT bestselling author and award-winning podcaster Lani Diane Rich with a new guest every week as they watch an episode of The West Wing and pretend that Jed Bartlet is president of the United States.

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Sex and Whisky

Sex & Whisky is a YouTube series and podcast in which story expert Lani Diane Rich follows the Starz television show Outlander through its third season, talking about story elements, romance and, of course, how much Frank is too much Frank.


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