Welcome to Chipperish Media

Chipperish Media was launched on February 8, 2017, and has been producing podcasts about stories ever since. The Chipperish motto, Love What You Love, is the core ethos of every podcast. At Chipperish, we encourage listeners to think critically, while making room for the fact that there’s no such thing as trash media or guilty pleasures.

Lani Diane Rich

Lani Diane Rich, owner

Lani Diane Rich is an award-winning, New York Times bestselling author, a story expert, and an award-winning podcaster. She has published 12 novels with Hachette, St. Martin’s Press, and Penguin, and currently teaches storytelling at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. You can find her on Twitter @lanidianerich.

Lani is the host of How Story WorksBig Strong YesStill PrettyStill DeadListen Up A-HolesWelcome to the End Times, and Jed Bartlet is my President.

Dr. Kelly Jones

Dr. Kelly Jones, host

Dr. Kelly Jones is a force to be reckoned with. If you sit by her fire, prepare for a stream of ideas and enthusiasm that will spark your own creativity. She holds a B.S. in Communication & Information Technology, an M.Ed. in Educational Technology, and a Ph.D. in Curriculum & Instruction, and jumps at any opportunity to apply her love of lifelong learning to literature, television, and pop culture. Should you wish to conjure the trickster goddess in her, simply arrange whiskey, wildflowers, ‘A Wrinkle in Time,’ volcanic ash, coffee, and the entire DVD box sets of both ‘Angel’ and ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer,’ on a beach in the shape of Maslow’s pyramid. In true high holy heathen podcasting priestess form, Dr. Jones will appear, drink you under the table, and leave you with a killer soundtrack. When she’s not being a smartass to the Universe, Dr. Jones can be found writing, constructing theoretical frameworks, and saying tweetable things on a variety of podcasts.

She is the host of How Story WorksBig Strong Yes, Still Dead, Welcome to the End Times, and Awegasm.

Lani Diane Rich

Noelle LaCroix, host

Noelle LaCroix is a writer, dancer, podcaster, and body nerd with a passion for stories about clever girls. She brings her background in film studies and English literature to Still Pretty, where she examines Buffy the Vampire Slayer from directorial and feminist perspectives, and her verbosity and penchant for rumination to Joy-Curious, where she blogs about recovery, self-discovery, and love. Noelle believes in magic, sex-positivity, and the power of the human heart.

She is the host of Still Pretty and Awegasm.

Lani Diane Rich

Joshua Unruh, host

If there are two things in this world that I love, it’s my opinions and the sound of my voice going on about them. Where else could I wind up other than podcasting, a world of talking at length and in depth about my precious, precious viewpoints in sonorous, honeyed tones? Lani blew my mind when she invited me to speak about the Marvel Cinematic Universe here on Chipperish with Listen Up A-Holes. But I also discuss what makes superheroes amazing, ridiculous, and often both at the same time on my own Pulp Diction Productions . Right now, you can listen to three Pulp Diction shows; An Animated Discussion, Superhero University, and WTF, Golden Age? Because speaking all the words isn’t enough, I also write Viking Fantasy, Weird Westerns, Tween Spy Fi, and Hardboiled Urban Fantasy, all of which you can discover at www.joshuaunruh.com. I write a modern take on serialized Mystery Man Pulp Fiction alongside the incomparable Daniel Swensen, which you can discover at Empire City Adventures. If you still haven’t heard everything you need to from me, if you have questions about superheroes, or if you just want shade thrown on deserving targets like Hawkeye or Late Stage Capitalism, twitter me @JoshuaUnruh or shoot me an email.

Joshua is the host of Listen Up A-Holes.

Lani Diane Rich

Rob Heiret, host

Rob Heiret is a lifelong Star Wars fan and metaphor enthusiast who also has a deep appreciation for talking about stuff. He puts words together in pleasing orders for his day job and moves small plastic spaceships around on tables as a hobby. He is approximately 47% qualified to be here. Find him on Twitter at @rheiret, or in the Chipperish Discord at rheiret, or in the world by calling “Hey, Rob!”

Rob is the host of Metaphors Be With You.

Lani Diane Rich

Jack Kramme, content editor

Jack Kramme is an Australian podcast/video editor and pop culture enthusiast. He loves video games, horror movies, tattoos, and body modifications. While horror isn’t his only loved genre (given that he appreciates a good cry as much as the next glorious viking debutante, he is a sucker for anything that gives him the feels) his love for scary stuff may be getting a little out of hand lately, given his growing collection of terrifying plastic action figures that frighten the normies on Zoom calls. When he’s not 7 hours deep into a TV show marathon or helping out with Chipperish, he’s co-hosting Podcast of the Nerds and cutting content for the Passion of the Nerd channel on YouTube.

Lani Diane Rich

Zoey, podcat

Zoey can’t stand it when Lani is talking but not to her. She sits outside the office and meows pitifully until she is let in. On occasion, Lani’s noise-canceling microphones cancel out Zoey, and you can hear her plaintive woe in the background of the podcasts, being gleefully ignored by her heartless human.

Don’t let her fool you. She’s fine.