The Big Strong Yes Season 2 Book: Burnout, by Emily Nagoski and Amelia Nagoski

Ep#Air DateReading / Topic / Notes
BSY323/24Season 2 Intro
Reading: n/a
BSY333/31Burnout Intro
Reading: Introduction
BSY344/7Reading: Chapter 1: Complete the Cycle
BSY354/14Reading: Chapter 2: #Persist
BSY364/21Reading: Chapter 3: Meaning
BSY375/5Reading: Chapter 4:The Game is Rigged
BSY385/12Reading: Chapter 5: The Bikini Industrial Complex
BSY395/19Reading: Chapter 6: Connect
BSY405/26Reading: Chapter 7: What Makes You Stronger
BSY416/2Reading: Chapter 8: Grow Mighty
BSY426/16Interview with Amelia Nagoski
BSY436/23Season 2 Finale
Reading: Conclusion: Joyfully Ever After

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