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Ep#BookReadingsAir Date
0TED Talk book previews:
Brene Brown – 1 Brene Brown – 2 Rising Strong Book Trailer Elizabeth Gilbert – 1 Elizabeth Gilbert – 2 Big Magic teaser trailer Shonda Rhimes
1Rising StrongResearch and Storytelling as Methodology Truth and Dare: An Introduction Chapter 1: The Physics of Vulnerability6/21/2017
2Chapter 2: Civilization Stops at the Waterline Chapter 3: Owning Our Stories6/28/2017
3Chapter 4: The Reckoning7/5/2017
4Chapter 5: The Rumble7/12/2017
5Chapter 6: Sewer Rats & Scofflaws Kelly – this chapter kicks my ass, everytime.7/19/2017
6Chapter 7: The Brave and Brokenhearted7/26/2017
7Chapter 8: Easy Mark8/9/2017
8Chapter 9: Composting Failure8/16/2017
9Chapter 10: You Got to Dance with Them that Brung You8/23/2017
10Chapter 11: The Revolution8/30/2017
11Rising Strong Finale9/6/2017
Week Off9/13/2017
12Big MagicPart 1: Courage9/20/2017
13Part 2: Enchantment: An Idea Arrives to A Little Perspective9/27/2017
14Part 2: Enchantment: Ownership to A Dazzled Heart10/4/2017
15Part 3: Permission: Remove the Suggestion Box to Try This Instead10/11/2017
16Part 3: Permission: Your Teachers to The Central Paradox10/18/2017
17Part 4: Persistence: Taking Vows to Tristram Shandy Dives In10/25/2017
18Part 4: Persistence: Fear in High Heels to Lastly, This11/1/2017
19Part 5: Trust: Does it Love You to Devotion to Inquisitiveness11/8/2017
20Part 5: Trust: The Scavenger Hunt to Walk Proudly; Part 6: Divinity; Conclusion11/15/2017
21Big Magic Finale11/22/2017
Week Off11/29/2017
22Year of YesHello: I’m Old and I Like to Lie Prologue: Full Frontal,Chapter 1: No Chapter 2: Maybe? Chapter 3: Umm, Yes…?12/6/2017
No new show12/13/2017
23Chapter 4: Yes to the Sun12/20/2017
Week Off12/27/2017
24Chapter 5: Yes to Speaking the Whole Truth1/3/2018
25Chapter 6: Yes to Surrendering the Mommy War Chapter 7: Yes to All Play and No Work1/10/2018
Chapter 8: Yes to My Body Kelly – this chapter kicks my ass, everytime.1/17/2018
26Chapter 9: Yes to Joining the Club Chapter 10: Yes, Thank You1/24/2018
Week Off1/31/2018
27A Note about Time: Yes to more Year of Yes; Chapter 11: Yes to No, Yes to Difficult Conversations Chapter 12: Yes to People2/7/2018
28Chapter 13: Yes to Dancing it Out with the Right People; Chapter 14: Yes to Who I Am; Chapter 15: Yes to Beautiful2/14/2018
29Year of Yes Finale2/21/2018
30Big Strong Yes Finale2/28/2018