NYT Bestselling author and award-winning story expert Lani Diane Rich has been teaching writing for over ten years, and offers to apply her experience and knowledge to your book or screenplay, making the storytelling as tight as it can be so that you can be free to showcase your unique voice and vision in your work.

What You Need: A finished manuscript, a completed synopsis, or a complete screenplay. I’m not going to help you write your book according to a template; I’m going to help you make the most of your unique voice, vision and magic, and in order to do that, I need to see your story on the page. So finish your first draft, let it rest a while, then bring it to me.

What I’ll Do: I’ll go in using Microsoft Word for novels or Adobe Acrobat for .pdf screenplays and leave comments all over your manuscript electronically. Some will be, “This is awesome!”; most will be, “This needs some work.” But with every comment, I’ll tell you why it’s working — or not — and tell you how to make it better. Every suggestion I make is yours to use, or to ignore. I’ll also follow up with any questions or concerns you might have, so after the first exchange, you can come back and say, “Okay, would it fix it for you if I did this?” I’ll go back and forth with you as long as you need me to, to make your story as strong as it can be.