Ever look at a manuscript you’ve read a dozen times, only to find a typo you’ve never seen before? I have, too. The best way to avoid that is to have someone who is not familiar with the work look it over. I’ll go through your prose with a fine-tooth comb, and fix your spacing, punctuation, spelling and grammar, while preserving your narrative voice and style. You’ll receive an annotated Microsoft Word document, and you’ll be able to accept or decline each and every edit. I can’t promise perfection, and nor can anyone else, but I’ll make your book sparkle, and get it ready for prime-time.

Copyediting Services

  • *At .008/word, a 75,000 document comes to $600
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Formatting (ebook)

  • includes formatting for all major ebook retailers
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Formatting (Print on Demand)

  • includes page design with interstitial graphics and personal font selection
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