#79. Consequences (S3.15)

We’re not looking to hug and cry and learn and grow.

It’s time for Consequences (S3.15) as Lani and Noelle process Faith’s trauma, get feels for therapy-Angel, and say a sad goodbye to Mr. Trick.

#78. Bad Girls (S3.14)

Hey, slaying’s what we were built for. If you’re not enjoying it, you’re doing something wrong.

We’re aiming to misbehave as Faith and Buffy subvert both textual and subtextual norms in Bad Girls (S3.14).

#77. The Zeppo (S3.13)

We like the quiet.

Lani and Noelle celebrate the transition from (mostly) Shadow Xander to (mostly) Light Xander as we get a coming of age story in The Zeppo (S3.13).

#76. Helpless (S3.12)

If we were at full Slayer power, we’d be punning right now.

Lani and Noelle talk about patriarchy busting with Little Red Riding Hood and patriarchy supporting with the One True Love myth as they get all “Helpless” (S3.12) with Buffy.

Still Pretty #75. Gingerbread. (S3.11)

“A doodle. I do doodle. You too. You do doodle, too.”

It’s all about fairy tales and why we fight as a demon Hansel and Gretel take over Sunnydale and use fear to ignite fires, both figuratively and literally, in Gingerbread (S3.11).

Still Pretty #74. Amends. (S3.10)

“Strong is fighting.”
In a very special episode of Still Pretty, Lani brings in Passion of the Nerd’s Ian Martin to talk about redemption, Camus, the meaning of life, Crossbow Giles, empathy, existentialism and the almost unnatural awesome that is Oz in Amends (S3.10).

Still Pretty #73. The Wish. (S3.09)

Bored now.

Careful what you wish for; if it’s Lani and Noelle gushing over another Bizarro-World Buffy, then it’s your lucky day as Noelle gets wistful for wild Willow and Lani lusts after scruffy sweater Giles in “The Wish.” (S3.09)

Still Pretty #72. Lovers Walk. (S3.08)

We may be love’s bitch, but at least we’re man enough to admit it.

Lovers Walk and podcasters cast as Lani and Noelle take the return of Spike as an opportunity to talk about what love is… and isn’t… as they take on Lovers Walk (S3.08).