#93. Pangs (S4.08)

You made a bear! Undo it! Undo it!

It’s White Guilt on Parade as Lani and Noelle both love and hate one of the most appropriately uncomfortable episodes in the Buffy canon, Pangs (S4.08).

#92. The Initiative (S4.07)

A vague disclaimer is nobody’s friend.

The Season 4 engine starts to rev up as The Initiative(S4.07) brings us Sweater Giles, Light Xander and Chipped Spike. And the best slap fight in the history of Buffy.

#91. Wild at Heart (S4.06)

Now might be the time for your trademark stoicism.

Lani and Noelle feel all the feels as Oz goes wild and breaks Willow’s heart in Wild at Heart (S4.06).

#90. Beer Bad (S4.05)

It’s time to get wasted with the Caveslayer in Beer Bad (S4.05), but Lani and Noelle are completely sober when they realize that this famously reviled episode of Buffy is pretty damn good.

#89. Fear Itself (S4.04)

Whatcha got in the basket, little girl? Weapons.

It’s time for big fear in small packages as Buffy and the gang battle inner and outer demons in Fear Itself (S4.04).

#86. The Freshman (S4.1)

Remind us to start killing cooler people.
Buffy’s having a crisis of confidence, Willow is in her element, and we’ve got Deus Ex Xander in The Freshman (S4.01).