Still Pretty #51. Halloween (S2.06)

“Hey, Cordelia. Geez, you’re like a great big cat.”

It’s the first Buffy Halloween episode, and Lani and Noelle are loving empowered Willow, dark Giles and, of course, every little bit of Oz that we get in Halloween (S2.06).

Still Pretty #50. Reptile Boy (S2.05)

And you! You’re gonna live forever! You don’t have time for a cup of coffee?

It’s floppy-haired douchebags on parade and Lani and Noelle are having none of them, while celebrating kick-ass damsels and great story structure in Reptile Boy (S2.05).

Still Pretty #49. Inca Mummy Girl (S2.04)

We want to fit in, Buffy. Just like you.

Join Lani and Noelle in a passage through time as we whistle past seriously problematic social politics to get to the seriously problematic narrative in Inca Mummy Girl (S2.04). But hey! Oz!

Still Pretty #48. School Hard (S2.03)

No, Spike. It’s gonna hurt a lot.

It’s time to test who has the biggest wrinklies around here as story expert Lani Diane Rich and feminist film scholar Noelle LaCroix start to have a lot less ritual and lot more fun in School Hard (S2.03).

Still Pretty #46. When She Was Bad (S2.01)

Pay up. We called 10 minutes before you consulted your books about something. It’s time to go bad on Buffy as Noelle and Lani go back to school with the Scoobies to process trauma with Buffy, love Dad Giles and get on the shameful Willow-Xander ship without apology. Okay, with a little apology. Love what you love!

Still Pretty #43. Nightmares (S1.10)

What’s the fun of burying someone if they’re already dead?

It’s time for your worst fears to come true as story expert Lani Diane Rich and feminist film scholar Noelle LaCroix take on Nightmares (S1.10)