#101. Superstar (S4.17)

Buffy was… right?

If loving Jonathan is wrong, then Lani and Noelle don’t want to be right as they stare deeply into the sultry eyes of Superstar (4.17) and see nothing but Jonathan. :::sigh:::

#98. The I in Team (S4.13)

If you think that’s enough to kill us, you really don’t know what a Slayer is.

Noelle examines Forrest’s underlying subtextual queerness and Lani wonders why every guy Buffy sleeps with shops at the same Bed, Bath and Beyond as they look for The I in Team (S4.13)

#97. A New Man (S4.12)

I’m just an unemployed librarian with a tendency to get knocked on the head.

It’s identity story dialed to Fyarl as Lani and Noelle get a load of demon Giles in A New Man (S4.12).

#96. Doomed (S4.11)

Let’s fight that evil!

Special guest host Ian Martin of The Passion of the Nerd talks identity stories, Clockwork Orange and Weird Giles as he and Lani discuss Doomed (S4.11).

#95. Hush (S4.10)

That’s enough small talk.

Lani and Noelle go deep into fairy tales, the Gentlemen-Slenderman connection and truth vs. lies as they gush about Hush (S4.10).

#93. Pangs (S4.08)

You made a bear! Undo it! Undo it!

It’s White Guilt on Parade as Lani and Noelle both love and hate one of the most appropriately uncomfortable episodes in the Buffy canon, Pangs (S4.08).