Still Pretty #56. Bad Eggs (S2.12)

It says nothing. It means nothing. This whole egg experiment thing is completely pointless.

For once, Lani and Noelle are on Xander’s side as they try really hard to find interesting things to say about “Bad Eggs.” (S2.12).

Still Pretty #55. Ted (S2.11)

We adore you. Well, that’s the cookies talking, but you rock!

It’s creepy robot time as Noelle and Lani talk power and responsibility, ponder the mix of science fiction and fantasy, and keep that Giles and Jenny ship cruising in “Ted.” (S2.11).

Still Pretty #53. The Dark Age (S2.08)

Can’t you just imagine them getting together?
We’re getting dark as the love blooms between Jenny and Rupert “Ripper” Giles in The Dark Age (S2.08) until a demon from his past takes over her present, and it all goes to hell. But still… Rupert + Jenny 4-eva! We ship it. We ship it hard.

Still Pretty #51. Halloween (S2.06)

“Hey, Cordelia. Geez, you’re like a great big cat.”

It’s the first Buffy Halloween episode, and Lani and Noelle are loving empowered Willow, dark Giles and, of course, every little bit of Oz that we get in Halloween (S2.06).

Still Pretty #50. Reptile Boy (S2.05)

And you! You’re gonna live forever! You don’t have time for a cup of coffee?

It’s floppy-haired douchebags on parade and Lani and Noelle are having none of them, while celebrating kick-ass damsels and great story structure in Reptile Boy (S2.05).