#46. The Sweet Funky (S5.3-4)

Zip it and let me do my sweet funky.

It’s all werewolves and basement hell as Lani and Kelly take a bite out of “Unleashed” and “Hellbound” (S5.3-4).

#45. Because Spike (S5.1-2)

You turned evil a lot faster than we thought you would.

Hello, Season Five! It’s time to dive into the game changer new world of Wolfram & Hart, and welcome Harmony and Spike to Team Angel in Conviction and Just Rewards (S5.1-2)

#44. Still Dead Lilah (S4.21-22)

Flames wouldn’t be eternal if they actually consumed anything.

Lilah returns from hell to reset the Angel game and get it back on track after a rough season, and Kelly and Lani are HERE FOR IT, and for Lilah, as they discuss Peace Out and Home (S4.21-22).

#43. I’ll Take Away Your Data (S4.19-20)

Just drop the cliched serial killer crap and stake us already.

Fred’s amazing, Lorne’s snarky, and Connor and Jasmine are awful but we get Dark Wesley and Research Wesley as the team goes underground and Angel journeys to another dimension to find the Devourer’s true name.

#42. Because Jasmine (S4, 17-18)

It’s evil. Remember the rain of fire? Permanent midnight?

Strap in and hold on tight as face the plot-hole explain-a-thon that answers every Season 4 question with “Because Jasmine” (S4, 17-18).

#41. The Dark-Off (S4.15-16)

We’re dust in the wind. Candle in the wind. There will be a general wind theme.

Faith, Willow, and Gwen bring some light to the disaster of season 4 as we dive into Orpheus and Players (S4.15-16).

#40. All About the Faith (S4.13-14)

Show us the weapons.

It’s time to stake all that is bad with Angelus, Cordelia, Connor, and the Beast while loving all that is good with Wesley, Lilah, and Faith in Salvage and Release (S4.13-14).

39. Wesplaining (S4.11-12)

Why is he picking on us? We’re the bad guys!

Joshua Unruh guests on Still Dead to deal with Angelus in two Watcher episodes that we wish could have been skippers (Soulless and Calvary, S4, 11-12). 

#38. What Might Have Been (S4.9-10)

We’re not brooding. We’re researching.

We’re back! Dark times ahead as the Beast takes out the sun in LA and Angel loses his soul… again. (S4, 9-10, Long Day’s Journey & Awakening)