Still Dead #34. I’ll Take Away Your Bucket (S4.1-2)

“We don’t do errands unless they’re evil errands.”

On today’s Still Dead, we’re delighted by Dark Wesley, Lilah, and Gwen. It’s time for a boat ride as Wesley rescues Angel and leaves Justine behind, and Gwen shows us how a professional pulls off a heist (S4, E1-2, “Deep Down” &”Ground State”).

Still Dead #32. 90% Dark. (S3.19-20)

Play your little games. We’ve got to go save our immortal enemy.

Dark Wesley and Wicked Lilah steal the show as the Hyperion is infested by thaumogenesis followed by the return of Connor as Still Dead dives in to “The Price” and “A New World” (S3.19-20). 

Still Dead #31. Justine, Please. (S3.17-18)

“Angel, you’re messing with primordial powers of darkness here.”

Buckle up for a dark and twisty Watcher followed by a skippable Skipper on today’s #StillDead as we find a wounded Wesley in the hospital, a corporeal Sahjhan on the streets of LA, and a soul-sold Gunn in a demon casino.

Still Dead #30. Big Weird Burger Man. (S3.15-16)

We’re awfully Chipper today.

He’s here at last! There’s throat-punching and throat-slitting as we say hello to the one and only Dark Wesley and jump into heartbreak (but not the hell portal) with Loyalty and Sleep Tight (S3.15-16).

Still Dead #29. Hard Pass On The Loofah. (S3.13-14)

“We’ve been possessed by the spirits of old lovers before, and it never ends well.”

It’s the romance rhombus of doom as Angel goes to the ballet, reunites with Groo, visits a demon brothel, and tackles a deadly tree monster with excellent wifi. (S3, 13-14, Waiting in the Wings and Couplet). 

Still Dead #28. Bad Demon Photoshop. (S3.11-12)

“That’s bad, bad wallpaper.”

On today’s Still Dead, we celebrate Cordelia’s birthday-turned-demonized-day, stake bad demon photoshop and nonsensical zombies, and learn an important life lesson… family is more important than money. The more you know, y’all. (S3, 11-12, Birthday and Provider)

Still Dead #27. 50 Shades of Holtz. (S3.9-10)

That’s the tragic beauty of a cosmic convergence.

It’s a wild ride to an impossible delivery as we chase Darla, Holtz, and every vampire cult on the planet through Angel Season 3, episodes 9 and 10, “Lullaby” and “Dad”.

Still Dead #26. Hello, Lover. (S3.7-8)

“Has someone been putting vodka in your blood?”

Today on Still Dead, we tackle two Watcher episodes that are low on the PH Scale and ponder the question that has baffled all the vampire cults, Wolfram & Hart, and Team Angel – How the hell is Darla pregnant?!?