#40. All About the Faith (S4.13-14)

Show us the weapons.

It’s time to stake all that is bad with Angelus, Cordelia, Connor, and the Beast while loving all that is good with Wesley, Lilah, and Faith in Salvage and Release (S4.13-14).

39. Wesplaining (S4.11-12)

Why is he picking on us? We’re the bad guys!

Joshua Unruh guests on Still Dead to deal with Angelus in two Watcher episodes that we wish could have been skippers (Soulless and Calvary, S4, 11-12). 

#38. What Might Have Been (S4.9-10)

We’re not brooding. We’re researching.

We’re back! Dark times ahead as the Beast takes out the sun in LA and Angel loses his soul… again. (S4, 9-10, Long Day’s Journey & Awakening)

Still Dead #37. Big Rock With Horns (S4.7-8)

We believe a day of reckoning has arrived.

On today’s Still Dead, we face harbingers of doom and rumble with horror and the Big Bad Beast Rock with Horns in Apocalypse, Nowish and Habeas Corpses (S4.7-8). Stay tuned for a spoiler discussion at the end of the show!

Still Dead #36. Hello, Dark Fred

Oh, good. Symbols on the floor. That always ends well. Kelly celebrates academic passion and Lani derides the faux-sex fall as they take on Supersymmetry (S4.05) and Spin the Bottle (S4.06).

Still Dead #35. The Powers That Huh? (S4.3-4)

If we thought you’d ever trust us, we would have never played you like that.

Lani and Kelly slouch to Vegas and back to deal with stolen destinies and stolen memories in Angel, season 4, eps 3 & 4, The House Always Wins & Slouching Toward Bethlehem. 

Still Dead #34. I’ll Take Away Your Bucket (S4.1-2)

“We don’t do errands unless they’re evil errands.”

On today’s Still Dead, we’re delighted by Dark Wesley, Lilah, and Gwen. It’s time for a boat ride as Wesley rescues Angel and leaves Justine behind, and Gwen shows us how a professional pulls off a heist (S4, E1-2, “Deep Down” &”Ground State”).

Still Dead #32. 90% Dark. (S3.19-20)

Play your little games. We’ve got to go save our immortal enemy.

Dark Wesley and Wicked Lilah steal the show as the Hyperion is infested by thaumogenesis followed by the return of Connor as Still Dead dives in to “The Price” and “A New World” (S3.19-20).