Listen Up A-Holes #27: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (S2.5-7)

This is our speaking voice when we’re upset with an unreasonable person!

Lani and Joshua are deep undercover with their second batch of episodes from season two! Please ask us about our feminist agenda as we discuss the comic book history of Mockingbird and the Savage Land before diving into the growing tensions between Hydra and SHIELD, both within their ranks and without.

Listen Up A-Holes #26: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (S2.1-4)

We don’t know the German word for nuts, but we bet if we tie a blasting cap to him, we’ll hear it.

For our triumphant return to Agents of SHIELD, Joshua and Lani take a look at some Four Color Facts Greatest Hits, again lament the cancellation of Peggy Carter, and discuss how this show finally got good!

Listen Up A-Holes #25: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1

Nothing goes over our heads. Our reflexes are excellent, and we would catch it.

For Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 1, Joshua and Lani invite Rob Heiret, host of Chipperish Media’s Star Wars podcast Metaphors Be With You, to talk about all the things that make Guardians great… and sometimes not so great.

Listen Up A-Holes #24. Daredevil (S1.11-13)

We are the ill intent

For the end of Daredevil Season 1, Joshua and Lani mourn Wesley, celebrate Matt’s new suit, and appreciate the evil badassery that is Wilson Fisk. And we’re also really glad that we survived being even this close to Karen Page because not many people walk away from her while still breathing.

Listen Up A-Holes #23. Daredevil (S1.8-10)

Technically, we paid someone else to shoot him.

Things get grim ‘n gritty for Joshua and Lani as they finally learn the Four Color Facts that led to the dark approach Netflix took with Daredevil. It’s yet more daddy issues, a little gay panic in your flashbacks, and a Handful of ninjas.

Listen Up A-Holes #22. Daredevil (S1.5-7)

We want to carve something beautiful out of the city’s ugliness…set free its potential.

For this set of Daredevil episodes, Joshua and Lani discuss Daredevil in the 70s, yet more daddy issues, and how everybody in Hell’s Kitchen is having a bad romance.

Listen Up A-Holes #21. Daredevil (S1.-4)

We got the devil in us. And sometimes we let him out.

For our first look at Daredevil, Joshua and Lani discuss the earliest days of Daredevil comics and how they don’t look a thing like the Netflix series. They also delve into the morally gray and complex themes of Noir storytelling and its effects on superhero storytelling.