Some of you may have noticed that I use idents from listeners at the top of the podcast. If you would like to record one for Jed Bartlet is My President, I would love to have it in my rotation! Here’s what you need to do:

  1. You can record on your computer, your phone, whatever. Pretty much any file format you send me will work. If you have a microphone, all the better, but I can work with what you’ve got.
  2. Record the following:
    “Hi, this is (your name) from (where you’re from). Jed Bartlet is My President is a Chipperish Media Production, and is entirely funded by listeners like you. To support Chipperish and gain access to exclusive content, please visit”
  3. And then end it your way. You can say “Thank you” or “What’s Next?” or nothing extra at all. Up to you! Just make sure it’s clean. We run a clean podcast here, y’all.
  4. Attach the file in an email to and put “ident” somewhere in the subject line. You can be as crude as you want in the e-mail. That’s just between us.

That’s it! It’s simple, and a huge help. I love to hear your voices! Thank you!