Jed Bartlet is My President will run in batches of 12, each batch comprising a “season” of the podcast.

This is the plan for the first part of Season 1; it is subject to change, so check back in to find out which West Wing episodes you should watch next! (Although the answer to that is always, all of them!)

Air Date West Wing Episode Guest
3/8/2017 Pilot (1.1) Daphne Olive
3/15/2017 Stirred (3.18) Rebecca Lavoie
3/22/2017 Bartlet for America (3.10) Mandi Kaye
3/29/2017 Six Meetings Before Lunch (1.18) Kelly Jones
4/5/2017 Mr. Willis of Ohio (1.65) Alisa Kwitney
4/12/2017 Shibboleth (2.8) Liz Lutz